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A Taste of Vietnam - Group Tour

Included Services
  • 9 hightlights in 14 days: Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, whale island, Hoi An, Da Nang, Marble Mountains, Hue, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay
  • 10 nights in hotels with a 2-3* standard, incl. breakfast, 1 night on a boat with full board, 2 nights in a night train
  • additionally 2 lunches and 2 dinners
  • English-speaking guide
  • different options for excursions and activities (see detailed itinerary below)
  • 4-24 participants on the group tours
  • from $ 1,343 CAD

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When visiting Vietnam, you’ll quickly realise how fascinating and varied this country is. With its delicious food, exotic markets, and vibrant cities full of pagodas, temples, museums and more, you'll never run out of things to do or see. Of course, its delicious food should not go unmentioned. Enjoy delicious traditional dishes made with fresh vegetables, fish, and herbs. Let yourself be enchanted by Vietnam as you take an incredible, unforgettable journey from the South to the North: Ho Chi Minh City, Nah Trang and Whale Island, Hoi An, Hue and Hanoi are all part of the itinerary. Have fun exploring this enchanting country with few tourists. 

Route of the group tour "A Taste of Vietnam"

  On this fascinating Vietnam tour, you'll travel to several cities including Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hue, and Hanoi. You can relax on the beach, visit the Forbidden Purple City, look at the famous Marble Mountains, and more – all in just two weeks! Below you’ll find the day-by-day breakdown for our A Taste of Vietnam tour.

These highlights are waiting for you on this tour

  • Mekong delta
  • A lot of history
  • Shopping street Dong Khoi
  • Most famous resort in Vietnam
  • Paradise for snorkeling and diving
  • Crystal clear water
  • City of the lakes
  • Tunnel houses
  • Ha Long Bay


Welcome to Vietnam! Today you can check into your hotel and meet your guide. Then spend the rest of the day as you please. In Ho Chi Minh City there's plenty to see: museums such as the Historical Museum, the Sri Mariamman Temple, Buddhist shrines like Chua Vinh Nghiem, colonial buildings such as the Majestic Hotel, churches such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, and much more. Take in the unique atmosphere of the city and get yourself oriented for your two week adventure. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay
You have a free day to explore Ho Chi Minh City. This modern, vibrant metropolis now has around 12 million inhabitants. Formerly known as Saigon, the city was officially founded in 1698 by the Khmer. Saigon became a French colony in the middle of the 19th century and there's still quite allot of European influences in the local architecture. If you're interested in nature, you can take a full-day trip through the Mekong Delta (optional). There you'll get to see how Vietnamese farmers cultivate rice, coconuts, and bananas. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay    Verpflegung: Breakfast
Spend today as you please. You can spend some more time exploring Ho Chi Minh City or take a day trip to Tay Ninh and Cu Chi (optional). If you take this optional excursion you'll get to witness an exceptional religious ceremony at noon. In Cu Chi you can also visit the famous tunnel system used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. In the evening we'll take the night train to Nha Trang. As long as there's light, you should watch the passing scenery. Then you can buy something to eat on the train. Unterkunft im Overnight Train   Verpflegung: Breakfast
In the morning we'll continue to Van Ninh, just 60 km away. From there you can take a boat to Whale Island. The trip only takes about ten minutes. Spend the next two days relaxing on an island paradise, surrounded by palm trees and colourful coral reefs. You'll stay in simple bamboo huts with private bathrooms on this relaxing little island. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay    Verpflegung: Lunch/Dinner
Spend the whole day as you please. This is the ideal time to spend a lazy day at the beach. You can relax in your cabin or in a hammock, take a dip in the crystal clear sea, or admire the diverse marine life by going snorkelling or scuba diving. Those who prefer to be more active can also surf, sail, kayak, or walk around the island. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay   Verpflegung: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Today you must bid farewell to Whale Island. After breakfast the boat will take you back to the mainland where you'll board your bus and drive along the coast to Hoi An. Hoi An is an important city for trade and it's one of the highlights of any trip to Vietnam. You can stroll through the narrow streets, take a boat trip on the river, or go to the beach located nearby.  Unterkunft im Overnight Stay    Verpflegung: Breakfast
Numerous narrow merchant houses line the streets of Hoi An. Colourful temples, shops, restaurants and cafes can also be found in the old town. Hoi An is known for its many delicious culinary specialties including Cao Lau – rice noodles with pork, bean sprouts, herbs and croutons in a broth. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay  Verpflegung: Breakfast
Enjoy another day to explore the city of Hoi An. How about an excursion to the beach or to the Cham Ruins of My Son? also a relaxing stroll across te colorful markets of Hoi An will be worth the while - just do it like the locals and discover the variety of fruit and fresh fish! Unterkunft im Overnight Stay    Verpflegung: Breakfast
Today we'll travel to Hue, which is about three hours north of Hoi An. We'll make several stops along the way. First we'll stop in Da Nang where you can visit the Cham Museum (optional). Here there are more than 300 sandstone pictures to admire from the 7th to 15th centuries. You should also visit the Marble Mountains, five limestone hills named after the elements: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). Today these mountains are Buddhist shrines but during the Vietnam War they were used as a place of refuge by the Viet Cong. Once you've arrived in Hue you should make a point to visit the purple Forbidden City. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay    Verpflegung: Breakfast
You'll have plenty of time in the morning and early afternoon to see Hanoi. We recommend that you visit the Palace Museum, the colourful Dong Ba Market, and the Imperial mausoleums around the city. Walking through the Kim Long district, where the so-called ‘garden sheds’ are, is also an enchanting experience. Your tour guide will happily provide you with all the information you need. In the late afternoon you'll board the night train, the so-called "Reunification Express", to Hanoi. Unterkunft im Night Train    Verpflegung: Breakfast
The next stop on your A Taste of Vietnam tour is Hanoi, which was founded about 1000 years ago. Hanoi is very much a city of contrasts and has something of a European look as a result of French occupation. There are small shops, lively markets, large avenues, and some lakes. Some particularly beautiful sights include the Ngoc Son Temple, the Presidential Palace, St. Joseph's Cathedral, and The Revolution Museum. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay
Early in the morning we'll leave Hanoi and drive to beautiful Ha Long Bay. After a three-hour boat ride we will stop for breakfast. Thousands of limestone cliffs and karst islands rise out of the water in this area, known as the ‘Bay of the Descending Dragon’. The name of this bay comes from an old legend that you'll be told on your tour. Part of the bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We spend the night on the boat in Ha Long Bay. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay Verpflegung: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
After breakfast we will navigate through the bay accompanied by typical vietnamese sailboats. We cross the charming landscape of Ha Long Bay and return to the mainland where you will return to Hanoi. There's still plenty to see in Hanoi, including the famous botanical gardens, the temples in the West Lake district, and numerous art galleries. Unterkunft im Overnight Stay Verpflegung: Breakfast
Alas, this is the last day of your Vietnam adventure. If you have time before your flight, you can spend a bit more time exploring the city or picking up some last minute souvenirs. Take a walk along the West Lake or take a bicycle rickshaw through town. If you haven’t quite experienced all that you came for, our friendly staff are more than happy to help you extend your stay. Verpflegung: Breakfast



  • 10 nights in hotels with a 2-3* standard, incl. breakfast
  • Boat tour in the Halong Bay, incl. 1 night on the boat, breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • 2 lunches and 2 dinners at the Whale Island
  • Night train Ho Chi Minh City - Nha Trang / Hue - Hanoi
  • Boat transfer Nha Trang - Whale Island
  • Transfers as described
  • English-speaking guide

Not Included

  • International flights to/from Vietnam
  • Visa
  • Tips and gratuities 
  • Optional excursions and entrance fees
  • Departure tax
  • Travel insurance
  • Transfer to/from airport

Important Information

  • It's possible that the accommodation at Whale Island is fully booked. In this case you will be accommodated on the main land in Doc Let (incl. lunch and dinner), which is located at a long beach
  • The accommodation is organized in double rooms. If you are travelling alone, you can share a room with another person of the same sex. If you wish to stay in a single room, please let us know on your inquiry.
  • On groups with less than 6 participants you will have changing guides.
  • We recommend all standard vaccinations. For more information you can read our general travel information about Vietnam.

Dates and Prices for the group toru "A Taste of Vietnam"

Dates Duration Price pp in DBL  
22.12.2019 - 04.01.2020 14 Days $1,694.00 CAD Contact
05.01.2020 - 18.01.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 25-35) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
16.02.2020 - 29.02.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
01.03.2020 - 14.03.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 25-35) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
15.03.2020 - 28.03.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 21-45) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
27.03.2020 - 09.04.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
19.04.2020 - 02.05.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 21-45) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
26.04.2020 - 09.05.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
26.04.2020 - 09.05.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 25-35) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
07.06.2020 - 20.06.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
07.06.2020 - 20.06.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 25-35) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
12.07.2020 - 25.07.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 21-45) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
26.07.2020 - 08.08.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
09.08.2020 - 22.08.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
13.09.2020 - 26.09.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 25-35) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
13.09.2020 - 26.09.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
11.10.2020 - 24.10.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
25.10.2020 - 07.11.2020 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 21-45) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
01.11.2020 - 14.11.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
15.11.2020 - 28.11.2020 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
20.12.2020 - 02.01.2021 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact
20.12.2020 - 02.01.2021 Solo Traveler Tour* (age 21-45) 14 Days $1,343.00 CAD Contact


  • Single-room supplement: $449 CAD per person / from 01.01.2020: $ 359 CAD
  • *here you can find more information about Solo Traveler Tours and Festival Tours