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Booking Conditions - Services & Payments


1. Enrollment:

Minimum booking price is USD $160. We kindly ask you to deposit 15% of the total amount at the time of registration. After having received the application and deposit, we will send the confirmation of enrollment and the invoice. The welcome pack with extra information and the address of your accommodation will be sent after you have settled the remaining balance. The invoice or the total amount must be paid in full 4 weeks before your departure.

2. Payment:

- By cheque: make cheques payable to the address found below on this page.

- By bank transfer: the relevant account number will be included on the invoice you receive. Please send us a copy of the transfer order - you must pay all the necessary bank fees.

3. Re-booking

Up to 31 days before departure we will try our best to consider all your wishes and changes with respect to dates, accommodation, etc. Should you decide after signing the travel contract with us, to take a different course or tour to the one mentioned in the contract, or should some other suitable person take it instead of you, we unfortunatelly have to charge you USD $65 for any changes made.

Afterwards we will do our utmost but wont guarantee the fulfilment of the request made since extra costs may incur. The rebooking charge may also exceed USD $95.

4. Changes

Up to 31 days before departure we will try our best to consider any changes you wish to make to a confirmed trip. We will do our utmost to confirm any requested changes but we can't guarantee the fulfilment of such requests. Rebooking fees may also apply.

5. Cancellation

You may cancel your enrollment at any time prior to the commencement of your course. However, you will be charged the following cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation up to 30 days before course commencement: 30% of total fees
  • Cancellation between 22 and 29 days before commencement: 40% of total fees
  • Cancellation between 15 and 21 days before commencement: 50% of total fees
  • Cancellation between 7 and 14 days before commencement: 60% of total fees
  • Cancellation between 1 and 6 days before commencement: 70% of total fees

Thereafter, 70% of the total fee is required. For a no-show or after the departure, no refund will be made. If you prefer, you can take insurance against the cancellation fee, which is 2% of the total amount. This amount must be paid with the deposit. The registration fee for the visa documents is not refundable under any circumstances. In the unlikely event of us being forced to cancel, all fees will be refunded.

6. Insurance

All travelers are responsible for ensuring that they can show that they possess the proper insurance.  Further information can be obtained from our staff.

Neither agent, operator nor the schools will be held responsible in any way for any accident, illness, loss of personal effects or change in personal circumstances arising at any time prior to or during the course. We therefore strongly recommend our personal travel insurance.

7. Promotional Images

By booking with SC Travel Adventures, you agree that any likeness or image of you secured or taken on any of our trips may be used by the company without charge in all media (whether now existing or in the future invented) for bona fide promotional materials of any kind, such as brochures, website slides, video shows and the internet.

8. Liability

Sprachcaffe Travel Adventures is not responsible for any expenses, damages or losses  which arise as a result of actions of the client, a force majeure event or actions of a third party not associated with the services provided by Sprachcaffe Travel Adventures.