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Paracas - Custom Package

What to expect... Paracas - a natural paradise with important history and culture. From 900-200 BC Paracas was home to an important pre-Columbian civilization in Peru which had a great influence on the Nazca culture, traces of which remains today. Additionally, the name Paracas, translated from the Quechua language, means "sand rain" as the strong 32 kph winds of this region carry the sand with them. When visiting Paracas, we highly recommend a trip to the nature reserve, where a large number of birds come in search of food during long journeys. Some of these include pelicans, flamingos and humboldt penguins. In 1992, this reserve was included in the list of "wetlands of international importance" which has protected this habitat for these species. 



Today you will be arriving to Paracas by bus, and taken from the bust station to your accommodation. Once settling in, you have the rest of the day to begin exploring the town. Go for a relaxing stroll through the suburbs of Paracas and visit the site where José de San Martín and his men landed to begin the fight for Peruvian independence. Of course in addition to exploring the city, we also have great optional offers available. Unterkunft im Hotel Paracas Sunset (Classic) / Hotel Aranwa Paracas* (Comfort)
*or similar
The beauty of this region is best experienced by boat. Today you'll travel to the Candelabra, a  180-meter long carving on the side of the peninsula. Though there are many rumours as to their origins and purpose, the truth remains unknown. Continue on to the Islas Ballestas, a group of islands inhabited by penguins and seals and other bird species. Due to these islands being a habitat for so many species, you will not be getting off at the island. That being said, bring binoculars, or a great camera to really get the best views! Another fun fact about the Islas Ballestas is their special export: guano, meaning bird droppings. In fact, the export of this guano is one of the largest sources of income for the region as it can be used as a great fertilizer. Enjoy the caves and cliffs and other sights before you make your way back to your accommodation! Duration: 2.5 hours Verpflegung: Breakfast



  • 1 night in a hotel including breakfast
  • Transfers between bus station and accommodation
  • Transfer Hotel Paracas - Muelle El Chaco
  • Luggage storage in the hotel
  • Tour of Islas Ballesta with an English-speaking guide

Not Included

  • Other meals and drinks
  • Tips and gratuities

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    Optional Offers

    Pisco Distillery

    The Pisco, Peru's most famous alcoholic national drink, should definitely be experienced on your trip as it has been brewed here since the end of the 16th century. El Viejo Catador is the brand that has been produced in the Catador Ica since 1856 - now by the family's fifth generation. Here you will find a great sortiment of products, some of them quite unique. Learn more about Pisco's manufacturing method, as well as its taste. You can also taste different types of pizzas and wines and experience even more Peruvian culture. Price on request (at least 2 participants.)  Incl. Transportation, English guide, Pisco and wine tasting Duration: approx. 3.5 hours

    Flight over Nazca lines

    Are you fascinated by the Candelabro of Paracas? How its lines are so indestructable and its origin story? Then you should not miss out on this optional tour. These giant geoglyphs were mentioned for the first time in 1547 by the conqueror Pedro Cieza de León, though their significance and creation were unknown to him. In the last century a lot of research has been carried out but scientists can only hypothesize the truth. Through this tour you'll hear about what the investigations have revealed as you fly above the carvings, getting a perfect view.  Price on request incl. Transport to the airport, accompanying person, flight Duration: approx. 6 hours

    Buggy Tour & Sandboarding

    Spend an exciting afternoon in the desert of Peru! With buggies, special 4x4 cars suitable for the desert, you'll get to drive over some dunes, both small are large. Enjoy an impressive view as you ride up and down. After you'll get to experience the second part of this optional offer: sandboarding! Surf the dunes either sitting or standing, the choice is yours.   Price on request Includes: Transportation, guide, buggy rental, sandboarding equipment Duration: approx. 1 hour