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Agua Azul

Few attractions can captivate and enchant you quite like the mesmerising blue waters of Agua Azul. This spectacular natural attraction is famous for its cascading waters and exceptionally blue pools. The thrill of the powerful falls crashing down into the beautiful turquoise pools will offer you a first-hand look at the strength and power of Mother Nature. Surrounded by gorgeous forestry, rocks and trees boasting a limestone coat of armour, this is one attraction that will have you in awe of the breath-taking wonder of Mexico.

The Geography of Agua Azul

The Cascades de Agua Azul are also known as the Blue Water Falls and are made up of a series of waterfalls flowing into a deep blue pool. The cataracts of the falls are seen to follow the other in a sequence of water falls with the various falls reaching up to 6 metres in height. These breath-taking waterfalls also have a very high mineral content, which spreads its charm onto the nearby rocks and trees. Once the water has covered the trees and rocks there is a build-up of limestone which encases them in a shell.

The falls can be found in the Mexican state known as Chiapas, a mere 69 kilometres from Palenque. Visitors can also find the road that leads to San Cristóbal de las Casas nearby, so be sure to make the most of your time in the region and explore the beauty that abounds in Mexico.

Things to do and see in Agua Azul

The waterfalls are amongst the most popular tourist attractions in the region so make sure you enjoy the charming stone pathway that leads to the falls. With the jungle lining the paved pathway and steps, you will have ample opportunity to spot some of the tropical birds and animals which call this region home. If you are looking for something to take home, then the souvenir shops which decorate the parking area offer some exquisite hand-made crafts and memorabilia. Tantalise your taste buds with popular Mexican cuisine, or simply cool off with a refreshing beverage overlooking the turquoise pools. This is the perfect place to enjoy Mexican beauty so make sure you visit the Cascades de Agua Azul.

If you are planning to travel further afield, then why not visit Palenque or Ocosingo and experience the wonder of Mexican living? With a number of other nature reserves, shops, restaurants, museums, galleries and the Misol Ha Jungle Falls nearby, you can rest assured that your experience in the Chiapas State will be unforgettable.

Accommodation near Agua Azul

If you are planning on embracing the Mexican Wilderness in cosy comfort, then the lodging available at Agua Azul is perfect for you. Hospitality and charm comes standard in Mesmerising Mexico so make yourself at home in this dynamic country. There are also a number of bed and breakfasts and delightful casas to rent nearby so whether you want to stay in the heart of Agua Azul’s natural wonder or you would prefer an adventure closer to the vivacious cities – there is bound to be an ideal accommodation option for you!

A tip for adventurer

If you are brave enough you can even ride down the cascades with a kayak. To do this, you need to have an experienced guide with you, due to the dangers of the unpredictable waters. You can rent kayaks close-by and also hire a guide there.

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