Excursion to the Viñales-Valley


Nature lovers will be in for a treat on this tour. The small village of Viñales lies in the middle of the valley and hosts over 30 different native palm tree species. The Viñales-Valley is home to the world's best tobacco, that is cultivated in the tropical climate, dried in huts and rolled by hand to become the famous Cuban cigar. The fields are surrounded by limestones ("mogotes"), that can be up to 400 m high. But that's not all, what is waiting for in Viñales:

  • Viñales National Park
  • Manufactura de Tabaco & Casa del Veguero
  • Cueva del Indio: cave visit & boat trip
  • Hike through the Viñales Valley

Day trip from Havana to Viñales

On this day-tour to Viñales you will get to know the popular valley of Viñales. The tour starts in Havana to the Viñales national park which is said to be one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

 The landscape with the bulb-like karst formations is called by the Cubans “elephant hump”. These “mogotes” in between tobacco plantations reach a height of up to 400 m and are about 160 Million years old. The small villages with their traditional architecture complete the picturesque scenery. In 1999 the valley of Viñales was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

In the late morning you will reach the tobacco factory “Manufactura de Tabacos” where the cigar leafs are still rolled by hand by the “Torcedores”. One “Torcedoro” makes between 40 and 180 cigars per day. The cigar manufacturing has a really long history in Cuba and a worldwide recognition. After that you continue to the “Casa del Veguero” – the house of a local tobacco farmer and to the viewing point Los Jazmines with breathtaking views over the valley.

The next stop is the “Cueva del Indio”, the most popular cave in the region. The first part of the cave you can easily walk, for the last 300 meter you get into a boot which takes you to a grotto with stalagmites and stalactites. 

Before you head back to Havana you visit the “Mural de la Prehistoria”. The 120 meter high and 180 meter wide mural shows the history of the evolutionary theory in colorful paintings. 


  • Transfer from/to accommodation in Havana
  • Qualified, English-speaking guide
  • Lunch

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