About Us

Explore the world through unique experiences, impressive encounters and visiting some off-the-beaten-track destinations: that's our focus. With over 30 years experience in organizing trips abroad, we are experts in travel planning. 

Take advantage of our insider knowledge in several beautiful destinations, as we have globally stationed employees. With our focus on providing you with a close encounter of culture, cuisine and and local life, we will provide you with authentic insight for each country. 

A Brief History

Sprachcaffe originated as a language school, providing functional language lessons through an informal atmosphere. After much success, Sprachcaffe launched their language-centered vacation packages, sending thousands of clients globally with the intent to learn language and culture through immersion.

A few years later, SC Travel Adventures was formed, harping on the success and knowledge of travel packages formed through language-vacations.

Today, SC Travel Adventures is expanding to clients in England, Canada and The United States with destinations in Central America, South America, Asia and Europe, and further expansion on the horizon.

How Sprachcaffe began

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus was founded in 1982 by the Sarno brothers from Rome, with the philosophy "Learn languages and meet people!". Since then, Sprachcaffe has become an international company, sending thousands of students abroad every year to enrol in various language programmes. Additionally, Sprachcaffe offers various travel packages, including tours to both Cuba and Mexico, activity holidays, cooking classes, dance holidays and much more.

Alongside teaching at various language schools, the Sarno brothers held language classes in their own living room in order to fund their studies. The classes often ended with a lavish meal which included a delicious Italian pasta dish served with a quality bottle of wine.

The interest in their classes grew enormously, together with the number of students enrolling in them. During a holiday in Calabria, the brothers even ran an Italian course at a campsite. It was then that their life-changing idea was born.

The brothers then opened the first Sprachcaffe school in Frankfurt in 1983. Their first customers were students who showed great interest in the new communication-orientated style of language teaching. The concept was a great success and soon other schools were opened. The foundations of language travel by Sprachcaffe were now laid.


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