Diving in Playa Giron - Diving Tour

Included Services
  • 10 dives in 7 days
  • Diving in the bay of pigs
  • 12 different diving areas around Playa Girón
  • 6 nights in a hotel with a 3* standard with all-inclusive board

Requirement to dive in the open water is the Open Water Diver Certificate. If you didn't recieve one yet, you can take part in our diving course in Havana.

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Diving in Playa Girón

On this 7-day diving tour you will dive into the fascinating and unique under water world of Playa Girón. Playa Girón is located in the very surroundings of the Bay of Pigs and is one of the most famous diving destinations in Cuba. Coral reefs, wrecks and caves are waiting to be explored. The dives are starting on the shore because all beautiful spots are really close to the coast. During the dives you can discover various zones of the Bay of Pigs with over 100 different coral and sea fans formations. The water temperature of 28/29 °C and a perfect visual range are ideal conditions for diving.

Below you'll find a day-by-day breakdown for the Diving in Playa Girón Tour.


Today, you'll transfer from Havana to Playa Giron (optional) or you travel individually from one of our other destinations. Enjoy your first evening before your big diving adventure begins.

Unterkunft im Hotel Playa Giron    Verpflegung: Dinner

During your stay in Playa Giron, you will complete a total of 8 dives. If you wish to you can book additional dives locally during your trip. The Playa Giron diving zone includes 12 different diving areas and the dive centre is located directly at your hotel. From there you will always be taken by jeep or bus to each dive site. Aside from the dive sites, the Bay of Pigs has a lot to offer: you can take a boat trip on the "Laguna del Tesoro", the so-called Treasure Island, or visit the reconstructed Indian village Aldea Taina.

Unterkunft im Hotel Playa Giron     Verpflegung: All-Inclusive

On your last day of the trip you will take a transfer back to Havana with unforgettable memories from your week in Playa Giron.

Verpflegung: Breakfast

Diving in Playa Giron Highlights

Diving Area

The diving area, with room for 12 divers, stretches along the coast from Playa Girón and the Bahia de Cochinos to the Zapata peninsula. Aside from the unique views of black coral and sea sponges, there are dozens of cenots - freshwater cave systems - which is particular to this area. Explore these spacious caves and see the stalagmites, stalagtites, old wrecks, and a variety of tropical fish. The average temperature is 28° C and offers clear views of the unique flora and fauna of Cuba. Dives are usually offered twice a day.


In the Caribbean Sea, about 8km east of Playa Girón you can find the natural rock pools of "Caleta Buena". This place is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Natural rock pools contain fresh water and offer perfect conditions for various species of fish and corals. Half way to Playa Larga lies the "Cueva de los Peces", which is the deepest, flooded cave of the country. Due to the many various species of tropical fish, it's ideal for diving. Another great destination is Cienfuegos, "the pearl of the south". You can take part in a city tour or visit the waterfall "El Nicho".

Museo Girón

This small museum is perfect for a little dive into the history of the country. It gives you a detailled insight of the failed invasion of the Cuban Exiles in the Bay of Pigs on the 17.04.1961. This invasion had the goal to collapse the government of Fidel Castro. In this museum you can find the detailled battle plannings, which explain in great detail all actions during this fight. You can also watch the movie "Muerte de los Invasores" (Death of the invators). It was created during the battle. For everyone interested in history the museum of Girón is a must-see.



  • 6 nights in a hotel with 3* standard
  • Board: all-inclusive
  • 10 Dives
  • Transfers to the diving spots

Not Included

  • Flight to / from Cuba
  • Entry card (visa): booking available on request
  • Transfer to / from Playa Girón: booking available on request
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Optional excursions
  • Travel Insurance

    Important Information

    • If the mentioned hotels are not available, we will accommodate you in a hotel of the same standard
    • Requirement for the diving course is a medical certificate
    • To participate in this program you need to have an open water certification. If you don't have it yet, you can first participate in our Diving Course in Havana.
    • Please keep in mind, that you need to take a 24h-break from diving before boarding an airplane. This is to allow the nitrogen which accumulated in the bloodstream during diving to dissipate. This restriction is in line with the guidance and regulations of all major diving organisations.
    • We recommend to bring your own diving equipment. You can also borrow it at Playa Giron (not included in price)
    • Visa and vaccination requirements and general information about country and people of Cuba
    • Solo travellers can request a room shared room with another person of the same sex
    • If we can't find another solo traveller who wants to share a room, the single room supplement needs to be paid
    • If you want to book a domestic flight within Cuba, we are happy to support you

    Prices and Dates for the diving tour "Diving in Playa Giron"


    Price per person in DBL

    Price per person in SGL


    01.11.2019 - 18.12.2019

    $ 789 CAD

    $ 879 CAD


    19.12.2019 - 31.12.2019

    $ 886 CAD

    $ 989 CAD


    01.01.2020 - 31.03.2020

    $ 854 CAD

    $ 957 CAD


    01.04.2020 - 31.10.2020

    $ 789 CAD

    $ 879 CAD


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    Optional Extras:

    • Cuba Entry Card (tourist visa): $ 30 CAD
    • Transfer OUT optional:
    • Playa Girón Hotel - Havana Airport
    • Price on Request

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