Excursion to Bariay Bay Jeep Safari


Explore the stunning surroundings between Holguin and Bariay Bay on our Jeep Safari! Go off-roading and drive through lush green landscape to see sights unreachable with car or bus. Enjoy the glittering coastal landscape around you and delve into the authentic Cuban nature. Locals even frequently gather and perform traditional dances in the surroundings of Bariay Park. See Cuba live never before!

  • Jeep Safari: Holguin to Bariay Bay
  • Bariay Park
  • Visit two museums and an excavation site

Jeep Safari Holguin - Bariay Bay

With his arrival, the native aboriginal tribe believed that Columbus was sent from the heavens to protect them from war. Today, 16 statues of gods, beset by Greek columns appearing as a ship's hull stand in tribute to that belief. On our Jeep Safari you'll have plenty of time to explore this monument along with other historical sites.

After lunch, our journey will take you to the Museo Chorro de Maita, an archaeological site located above a liberated aboriginal village. Over 100 protected sites are in the area, mostly from the 16th Century. There are many tombs here, both from the local tribe and europeans during the exploration journey. In the adjacent museum, you can view over 62 well-preserved human skeletons and dog bones from this era.

In the museum opposite the ruins, Aldea Taina, you can explore the daily life of the aboriginal tribe from this village, including facts about their diet, agriculture, rites and rituals.


  • Transfer from/to Guardalavaca (Holguin)
  • Qualified, English-speaking guide
  • Entrances
  • Lunch

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01.08.2019 - 31.10.2020

$ 144 CAD

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