Cuba Diving Courses

Cuba boasts not only fascinating landscapes, but is also a top diving destination. With our Diving Courses you can discover up-close what lies beneath the Caribbean Sea. We offer a range of courses for a range of diving abilities, ensuring that everyone is catered for. You can choose between our Scuba Diving Course, Open Water Diving Course or Advanced Open Water Course. You can also book single dives. Our courses can be booked at any time and will take place regardless of the number of places filled.

All diving courses are located in Havana and are bookable at any time, without a minimun number of participants. Take a look at our offers for diving courses in Cuba and choose between the different levels of difficulty.

  • For beginners
  • Pool excercises + 2 dives in open water
  • ACUC certification at the end
  • Allows you to dive up to 15 m

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  • For beginners and advanced
  • Pool excercises + 4-6 dives in open water
  • SSI certification at the end
  • Allows you to dive up to 25 m

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  • For advanced divers with certification
  • 2 regular and 4 special dives in open water
  • e.g. night dive, wreck dive, photography
  • Dives up to 40 m

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Important information: In order to dive you must be certified as medically fit and be above 18 years. Please also note that you must wait a minimum of 24 hours between your final dive and boarding an airplane. This is to allow the nitrogen which accumulated in the bloodstream during diving to dissipate. This restriction is in line with the guidance and regulations of all major diving organisations.

If you need additional accommodations, transfers or excursions, have a look at our Cuba Diving Tours or get an individual offer.

Scuba Diver Course

Learn how to dive in Cuba! We offer a course perfect for beginners without any experience. During the "Scuba Diver Course" you start in the shallow water with a maximum depth of 15 meter and you are always accompanied by our instructor. At the end of the course you get the ACUC certification. Be aware, that due to some restrictions of the course (max. depth of 15 m), it's possible that not all diving bases worldwide are accepting this certificate.

  • Services: 2 hours theory, 1 pool excercise, 2 dives in the open water, certification, equipment
  • Duration and location: 1-2 days in Havana
  • Certification: ACUC (valid for dives up to 15 m)

Price: $ 345 CAD
(valid until 31.10.2019)

Open Water Diving Course

With the diving course "Open Water Diving" you'll get 9 hours of theory lessons first (obligatory). At the end of the lessons you need to take an exam. Afterwards you start practical diving lessons in the pool. If you are confident with the diving equipment, you can start diving in the open water. Always watched by our experienced instructor. After the successful completion of the course, you'll get your diving licence, which you can use to dive all around the world up to a maximum depth of 25 m (82 feed) with or without an instructor.

  • Services: 9 hours theory, pool excercises, 4 obligatory dives in the open water (2 optional dives possible), equipment, certification process, licence
  • Duration and location: 4-5 days in Havana
  • Certification: international accepted SSI Open Water Diving Licence (up to 25 m of depth)

Price: $ 480 CAD
(valid until 31.10.2019)

Advanced Open Water Diving

Advanced divers will enjoy our "Advanced Open Water Diving Course". Requirement to participate in this course is a cerfication as "Open Water Diver" or "Rescue Specialist" with a diving experience of a minimum of 5 hours under water. Beside the use and maintainance of the diving equipment you will gain experience in the following: dives with poor visibility (night dives etc.), dives in special terrain (caves, wrecks etc.), underwater-navigation, dive in depth (40 m / 130 feet). You'll also be taught in the basic navigation of boats, ocean biology and ecology.

  • Services: 2 regular and 4 special dives: depth and night dive, underwater navigation, 1 optional dive (e.g. underwater photography), equipment
  • Duration and location: 1 week in Havana
  • Certification: International SSI Advanced Open Water Certification (up to 40 m of depth)

Price: $ 685 CAD
(valid until 31.10.2019)