Sierra Maestra

Get ready for an eco-adventure in the exquisite Sierra Maestra Mountain Range. This incredible mountain range is the perfect place for tourists who want to experience Cuban wilderness in the heart of a tranquil and awe-inspiring destination. With its incredible heights to the lush valleys and the array of historical backdrops - the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range is one of Cuba’s most cherished attractions.

Whether you want to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind you, or you simply want to take in the beauty of the region, in this breath taking mountain range you will be spoilt with natural wonder and exquisite beauty.

Sierra Maestra's importance in Cuban history

The Sierra Maestra Mountain Range was the stage for many battles in Cuba’s history. Many wars and battles have taken place on the mountains and in the valleys since the 1500’s. Including the Taíno’s resistance movement, the Ten Years’ War, the Cuban War of Independence and the many uprisings against the Cuban government of the times. The lush greenery made perfect hiding spots for many warriors including Fidel Castro and his rebel army. Not only did this natural landscape make excellent hideaways, but the mountains also offered ample opportunity for the launch of guerrilla warfare.

While the mountain range did play an important role in the battles of Cuba, the natural wonder could not be denied. The Sierra Maestra Mountain Range was declared a national park in 1980 and incorporated the history of the battlefields into a variety of commemorations and memorials scattered throughout the national parks.

Accomodation in Sierra Maestra

There are a number of resorts, lodges and hotels within the mountain range, so if you want to experience unity with nature then opt for a cosy mountain side lodge and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range offers. With the wind flowing through the dips and peaks, the singing birds and the famous sounds of the Cuban wilderness surrounding you, you will have ample opportunity to bask in the beauty that Cuba is known for. No matter what type of mountain side vacation you are looking for, in the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range you can rest assured that your ideal accommodation awaits!

What to see and do in the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range

These breath-taking peaks are perfect for eco tourists looking for an adventure surrounded by some of Cuba’s most exquisite natural attractions. Whether you want to hike the Pico Turquino Summit or you simply want to take in the beauty of the region by hiking along the guided trails - Sierra Maestra will offer you the opportunity for adventure and awe with every slope.

Along with the number of national reserves within the mountain range there are also a number of other attractions including a coffee plantation boasting the finest Cuban coffee. Be sure to check out the third largest rock in the world - weighing an astounding 70 thousand tons, La Gran Piedra is a must see landmark! From bird watching to mountain climbing and relaxing hikes through the lush greenery - La Sierra Maestra is an extraordinary attraction that will have you falling in love with Cuba’s natural diversity.

If Cuba’s history intrigues you, then discover the path led by Fidel Castro and step into a world where the story of Cuba’s revolution began.

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